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Baekun Country Club (6 holes)

Improving the health and quality of life of local residents improved golf driving range

Driving ranges that enhance the health and quality of life of local residents.

Booking a tee time
  • - You can reserve a tee time on the field between 7 am and 9 pm.
  • - Sign up as a member and create an ID to log in.
  • - You can only book on dates marked as available (shown with a flag) on the calendar in the booking page.
  • - Click on the available date and select the desired time.
  • - If you click on “Book,” you’ll be registered on our waiting list and your tee time will be confirmed five days prior to the date you selected.
  • - To view or cancel your booking, click the top menu on the booking page.
  • - Booking a tee time through a proxy is prohibited.
  • - Be sure to insert your cell phone number as your contact information.
  • - To book a tee time or for inquiries on the field: Call us at 061-799-3013.
Please Note
  • 1. You can only book online.
  • 2. Check whether your tee time on the field is confirmed before use.
  • 3. Confirmation message on your tee time is sent via text message five days before the date you’ve selected.
  • 4. You can cancel your booking before 5 pm on the day just before the booked date. If you cancel the booking after that, 60 points will be deducted as a penalty.
  • 5. Admission is allowed for three to four people (two people not allowed) on weekdays, and four people with up to two female golfers on weekends and holidays.
About the Club
Baekun Country Club has a driving range with 40 bays with an outfield of 200m in length and a field with 6 holes. Range goers can also try out our clubhouse and the professional shop.
Hours and Fees
Wintertime (6 am – 10 pm), Summertime (5:30 am – 10:30 pm)
Weekends and holidays
Wintertime (6 am – 8:30 pm), Summertime (5:30 am – 8:30 pm)
Sunrise – Sunset
Locker fees
KRW 5,000 a month
※Closed : First Mondays of each month
Golf Club Summary
Driving range 1,115㎡, Field 125,023 ㎡
40 bays
Number of holes
6 holes (fairway/natural, green/artificial turf)
show game room
4 holes
Fairway netting
Category Category Time Allowed entry Balls provided Notes
05:30~17:00 17:00~
Regular/Monthly membership 90,000 90 min Once a day Charged by the hour 160 No restrictions on women's entry
Regular/Quarterly membership 220,000 160 No restrictions on women's entry
Regular/Monthly membership for women 70,000 not available Not allowed on weekends
Regular/Quarterly membership for women 160,000 not available Not allowed on weekends
Quasi/Monthly membership 100,000 160 No restrictions on women's entry
Quasi/Quarterly membership 250,000 160 No restrictions on women's entry
Quasi/Monthly membership for women 80,000 not available Not allowed on weekends
Quasi/Quarterly membership for women 220,000 not available Not allowed on weekends
Lesson fees 150,000 Monthly
Beginners (includes lessons) 130,000 90 min
(10 am – 12 pm,
1 pm – 3 pm)
1 month Not allowed on weekends
Locker fees (members) 5,000 Monthly

Charged by the hour
Box System Fees (KRW) Time Balls provided
Once a day(90min/unlimited) after 17:00
Regular members Male/Month 90,000 opening hours~17:00 90분/160 balls
Male/ min 220,000
famale/Month 70,000 08:00 ~ 17:00 Not allowed on weekends
famale/min 160,000
Quasi members Male/Month 100,000 opening hours~17:00 90 min/160 Month
Male/min 250,000
famale/Month 80,000 08:00 ~ 17:00 Not allowed on weekends
famale/min 200,000
락카비(members) 5,000

Box System
Category BOX Fees (KRW) Notes
Regular members
(POSCO employees, Group affiliates, suppliers)
1 month 70 120,000
2 month 60
3 month 50
Quasi members
(family members of employees, local residents)
1 month 70 130,000
2 month 60
3 month 50
Boxes for sale 1 4,000 40 min(80 balls)
1 10,000 90 min(240 balls)

Category Field (6 holes/2 rounds) Short game field (2 rounds)
POSCO employees (spouses) Regular member - Weekdays/holidays : KRW 10,000/person 2천원/인
Geumho-dong residents Quasi member -Weekdays:KRW 12,000/person

-holidays:KRW 15,000/person
KRW 3,000/person
Geumho-dong residents and others Nonmember -Weekdays:KRW 20,000/Nonmember

Up to two persons when accompanied by a regular member
KRW 2,000/person
    100, Jecheolbaegun-gil, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, 57803, South Korea
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