• 01
    Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, Ethical Values
    We have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. We take the lead and collaborate with others to achieve synergy at the organizational level.
  • 02
    Thoughtful Consideration
    We communicate with respect and sincerity. We pursue mutual development with local communities.
  • 03
    Creative Thinking
    We propose challenging ideas with flexibility by never ceasing to learn. We make change and spur growth with future-oriented thinking.
Recruitment Process
Our hiring process consists of document screening, an interview and health checks. The documents you have submitted will only be used for the hiring process and will not be used for any other purposes.
  • Document Screening
  • Personality Test
  • Interview
  • Health Checks
  • 1. Document Screening
    We screen documents based on the applicant’s basic abilities, such as ability, qualifications, characteristics, and attitude. The screening is conducted with a focus on the major, past careers, academic background, other activities, and self-introduction. The cover letter and the resume must be carefully prepared based on factual information.
  • 2. Personality Test
    Through the in-depth, comprehensive personality test, we can not only find out the applicant’s personality, competency related to corporate values, ability to perform tasks, and job aptitude, but also get a complete statistical analysis according to the individual’s disposition and competency level, as well the detailed profile (interpersonal relationship, leadership, work performance, and ability to adapt to the company).
  • 3. Interview
    Normally, a committee composed of 3-4 interviewers that range from executives to team leaders is formed. They conduct each interview as team with each applicant. The interviewee will be evaluated for his/her basic personality, values, major, knowledge on management, ability to cope with various situations, attitude, and job performance.
  • 4. Health Checks
    After the interview, an extensive health check is performed by taking blood samples, blood pressure, visual acuity test and X-ray examination. You must refrain from strenuous activities or taking medications and keep an empty stomach. If you are having the checkup in the morning, it is recommended to skip breakfast and drink as little water as possible for accuracy of the results.