Sustainable Management

Purpose Purpose of Adopting ESG Policies
POSCO WIDE is charging forward to become a better company by having ESG and sustainability as part of our core competitiveness.
Building on the management philosophy of “Corporate Citizenship” POSCO WIDE creates a model that generates mutual value by not only creating financial value, but also non-financial value.
  • Enviroment
    We will reduce CO2 emissions and take the lead in the recycling initiatives.
  • Society
    We practice sustainable management to become a company that suppliers want to work with.
  • Governance
    We will enhance transparency in corporate governance by realizing shareholder’s values and reflecting the views of the stakeholders.
ESG Strategy and Implementation System
Based on the POSCO Group’s management philosophy of corporate citizenship, we deliver ESG performance to achieve sustainable growth.

POSCO WIDE aims to create a sustainable future by spreading the impact based on value and innovations. To that end, we formulated three ESG strategies, under which key initiatives are being implemented.
  • Management by Trust
    To establish a culture of fair trade, we conduct annual compliance training for all employees and fair trade training for employees in relevant departments. We have set up a internal monitoring system to check the implementation status of ethical governance.
  • Environmental Management
    In order to grow into an environmentally friendly company, POSCO WIDE is undertaking carbon reduction projects and is proactively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Social Contribution
    We set the direction of our social contribution initiatives by establishing a system for existing businesses. We are committed to create value that fulfils our social responsibility by communicating with internal and external stakeholders.
Key Performance
  • Business
    Economic Value
  • Society
    Scale of Social Contribution
  • People
    Number of employees