Environmental (E)

Environmental Strategy
environmental management

POSCO Group environmental management

  • We secure global leadership by establishing a family environmental management system based on ISO14001.
  • We comply with environmental laws and constantly strive to protect the environment, considering all processes.
  • We minimize pollutants by implementing a clean manufacturing process and applying optimum prevention technology.
  • We establish a resource cycling society and improve ecological efficiency by efficiently using natural resources and by-products.
  • We reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lead low-carbon green growth by using clean energy and applying green technology.
  • We secure management transparency and aim for sustainability through public transparency of the performance of environmental Management.
Environmental Management Strategy
The government's 2050 carbon-neutral industry and corporate environmental management demands are being strengthened, such as strengthening the importance of ESG at home and abroad.
Accordingly, POSCO WIDE establishes environmental goals and promotion strategies and carries out related activities.
Purpose of Environmental Management
POSCO WIDE recognizes the environment as an essential value of our business activities, respects the current and future values of the environment for economic development and preserving the environment, and fulfills its responsibilities as a social and economic stakeholder.
Our Performance Against Set Goals
POSCO WIDE seeks ways to minimize the impact on the environment at all stages of our Total Real Estate Services and puts them into practice. We constantly verify and improve these process to practice environmental management on greenhouse gases, energy, water resources, waste, and air pollutants.