In order to create a pleasant workplace where work and life are in balance, we provide various welfare and benefit systems.
  • Financial-aid to School Tuitions for Children
    We provide annual financial support for high school and college tuition as well as infant and elementary school tuitions to reduce the burden of employees and offer an equal education opportunities to their children from their birth to college graduation.
  • Loan Support
    We provide funds at lower interest rates compared to commercial banks when our employees purchase or rent homes to support stable housing. In case of emergencies when employees need money urgently, we provide our Life Stabilization Fund.
  • Healthcare Support
    Group Accident Insurance
    In preparation for injuries and diseases that may occur in daily life or at work, we have a group accident insurance in place for employees with a wide coverage.

    Health Checkups and Medical Expenses
    We have concluded agreements with renowned medical checkup centers and hospitals nationwide to support comprehensive medical checks of our employees and their spouses as well as medical expenses for our employees and their families to reduce their expenses at home.
  • Leisure Activities
    Welfare Points and Social Clubs
    We offer welfare points every year, which can be used for self-development and leisure activities. We also support social clubs from which employees can enjoy their hobby with colleagues such as sports and academic studies.

    Recreation Facilities
    We have resorts, training centers, and glamping sites run by POSCO and external parties across the country available for use by our employees.
  • Family Events
    In the event of a family event, such as weddings or funerals, we provide leave, congratulations and condolences money, wreaths or flowers, funeral supplies, etc. We also help employees access funeral services at a lower price than the market price as needed.
  • Family-friendly Support
    Pro-Natal Policies
    To encourage childbirth and alleviate the burden of household expenses, we pay congratulatory money whenever a child is born within the company, and support medical expenses and offer a leave for female employees undergoing infertility treatment.

    Work-Life Balance
    We work hard to create a work environment that supports work-life balance by putting a family-friendly work system in place, such as parental leave, shorter and flexible working hours.
    * We have been certified by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family as a family-friendly company since 2014.
  • Education and Self-Development Support
    We leverage the group training infrastructure to help our employees grow, innovate, and hone their expertise through our programs tailored to different groups, jobs and positions. We also have 200 certificates for self-development of our employees and to encourage them to enhance their technical competitiveness. If they succeed in acquiring a certificate, we offer congratulatory money to celebrate the occasion.
    In addition, to manage an individual team member’s career, we help register technicians in associations and offer training to help them manage their levels.