Total real estate service

We provide systematic total solutions with professional building management know-how.

Interior/Customer Service

We help convenience with original eco-friendly interior construction and 1:1 customized customer management.

Infra/Plant Management

Reduce environmental pollution and manage WIDE facilities essential to the community


Leads leisure culture with the best course and differentiated healing space in outstanding natural scenery.

    Our Business

    Total Real Estate Service
    POSCO WIDE boasts efficient service quality based on the know-how of building management through the application of both the intelligent building system (IBS) and building management system (BMS).
    We provide a total building management service that enhances management efficiency for corporate customers tailored to not only building owners but also building users based on our specialized technologies.
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    Trust the brand value of the POSCO Group offering sophisticated sensitivity and ecological space design.

    We promise to provide a specialized and reliable interior service with our know-how, exceptional interior design that meets customer needs, and active support tailored to each customer.
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    Infra & Plant
    POSCO WIDE supports operations and maintenance from the planning stage of infrastructure and plant construction projects in connection with the POSCO Group.

    We offer various WIDE services to create a better environment, including sewage treatment, sewer pipes, desalination, recycling, pilot plant testing and social overhead capital(SOC) to create a better environment.
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    Golf & Leisure
    POSCO WIDE leads the leisure industry with our top-notch golf courses, golftels, and glamping sites that offer a differentiated experience.

    We provide the finest courses with scenic lookouts and premium services at our high-end business golf clubs and relaxing places in nature.
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    District Heating
    We provide cooling and heating services in Pohang to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve air quality.

    We supply economic thermal energy that is convenient to use to homes, companies and public facilities through environmentally friendly thermal production facilities.
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