Total Real Estate Service

FM(Facility Management)
POSCO WIDE’s sophisticated and standardized building management system incorporates the state-of-theart Smart FMS* for both convenience and productivity, as well as the time-tested safety tools of POSCO steel mills.
The key to facility management is standardization, which can be maximized through systems with proven safety.
Facility Management
We present efficient facility management solutions from floor plan consultation for the design stage, to operation consultation for the management stage to increase building value.
  • Devises FM

  • Technical

  • Safety diagnosis
    of facilities

  • Management
    advice on FM

  • Establishment
    of WIDE systems

  • Design

  • 01. Design Stage Proposal of improvements in design
  • 02. Construction Stage Establishment of the optimum model for FM
  • 03. Management Stage Offering technical advice on FM
Enhanced Property Value

For the efficient management of high-rise buildings, POSCO WIDE developed its own solutions by sharing professional technologies with its affiliates (ICT, A&C) to enhance the operation and maintenance system and improve facility management.


POSCO WIDE ensures on-site safety by incorporating the safety inspection tools of POSCO steel mills.

  • - Safety and accident-prevention activities in collaboration with site personnel and experts through the analysis of accident types and seasonal factors (Theme Patrol)
  • - Safety Acts Observation (SAO) that helps eliminate unsafe acts (human error)
  • - Periodic safety checkups through POSCO Safety Rating System (PSRS)
  • - Operating a comprehensive masterplan covering safety, the environment, and quality by analyzing social issues on a yearly basis
Expected Effects of Facility operation and management

Our professional management teams provide a total management service through our systematic programs that integrate vast knowledge and technology.

  • - Reduce investment and operation costs
  • - Prevent any unexpected shut down of facilities
  • - Extend the lifecycle of the building
  • - Cut down cost related to building’s lifecycle
  • - Maintain the optimal state of facility systems and keep the building safe
Items Subject to Facility Management
  • - Construction facility: Building structure and finishing materials
  • - Mechanical facilities: Heating systems, framework facilities, sanitary facilities, gas facilities, oil facilities, and special facilities
  • - Automatic control systems: Automatic control systems, servers, panels (e.g. light/power/mechanical facilities controls), and filed devices (e.g. sensors and actuators)
  • - Electrical facilities: Power substation facilities, distribution facilities, power facilities, lighting facilities, electric heating facilities, lightning protection and grounding facilities, generators, transportation facilities (E/L, ESC)
  • - Fire-fighting systems: Fire-fighting equipment, alarm facilities, evacuation facilities, firewater systems, fire-fighting activity facilities
  • - Crime prevention facilities: CCTVs, access control systems
  • - Information and communication systems: Telephone exchange facilities, dedicated line facilities, network facilities, broadcasting facilities, and AV systems
POSCO WIDE was the first in the industry to KS 1004 (facility management service) certifications, and its technologies have been widely recognized through various domestic/international standard certifications
  • ISO9001
    Quality management certificate

  • ISO14001
    Environmental management certificate

  • ISO45001
    Certificate for safety and health management systems

  • KS1004
    Certificate for facility management services

  • Certificate for indoor air quality (2021)

Patent Certificates
  • A fire fighting system in buildings

  • An escalator step cleaner

  • A reverse osmosis desalination device and methods

  • A district heating system based on heat storage through fluid separation

  • A plasma dust collection and sterilization device

  • A dissolved oxygen supply system for sewage treatment process

  • A method for maintaining the performance of dissolved oxygen in the sewage treatment process

  • A duct cleaning robot with a built-in dust absorption feature

Customer Cases
Korea’s most technically advanced buildings, such as the POSCO Center, buildings for POSCO affiliates, and POSCO Tower Songdo also utilize POSCO WIDE's building management services.