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POSCO WIDE will create greater synergy with POSCO Group.
POSCO Group Vision
Fields of activities
Business Biz 파트너(협력사·고객사·공급사) - 공정·투명·윤리실천, 동반성장, 최고의 제품·서비스,, Society 사회공동체(지역사회·주변이웃) - 사회문제 공감·해결기여, 지역사회 발전·환경경영, 나눔활동 참여,, People 포스코그룹 임직원 - 안전하고 쾌적한 근무환경 조성, 곶정 인사·안정적 노사관계, 다양성 포용·일과 삶의 균형

Create a robust industrial ecosystem by creating symbiotic values to ensure a win-win with business partners. As a member of society, we actively participate in addressing social issues beyond economic profit and foster a happy and fulfilling workplace by creating a corporate culture of trust and creativity.

Code of conduct
실질(형식보다 실질 우선), 실행(보고보다 실행 중시), 실리(명분보다 실리 추구)

POSCO Group takes great efforts to realize the values it deems important, such as putting substance first, emphasizing execution, and pursuing benefits. It achieves value management, win-win management and innovative management by putting substance before form, placing more emphasis on execution than on reporting, and pursuing substance rather than justification.

Core Values
안전, 상생, 윤리, 창의

POSCO's Core Values are 'Safety,' 'Win-Win,' 'Ethics' and 'Creativity.' 'Safety' means that utmost priority is given to respect for people, and position holders should take the lead in encouraging routine safe behavior with a focus on actions. 'Win-Win' means to practice having consideration for and sharing with others, pursue mutual prosperity, and continuously grow by creating social values. 'Ethics' means to seek ethical behavior based on the mutual trust between members of society and abide by the principle of reward and punishment. 'Creativity' means to take the lead in solving problems by cooperating openly with an open mind.

Management philosophy system
Awards & Recognitions
  • 2005.
    Company with Excellent Labor-Management Culture
  • 2008.
    Fire Safety Management Prize, best fire safety building (Seoul City)
  • 2009.
    Company with Excellent Labor-Management culture
  • 2009.
    Group Energy Industry Award – Group Prize, Corporate Field
  • 2010.
    Obtained A-Class (excellent) in the evaluation of coexistence and collaboration
  • 2011.
    Excellent management of cooling and heating systems in Korea and overseas
  • 2012.
    Grand Prize for Firefighting Capacity from National Emergency Management Agency
  • 2012.
    World Standard Day KS Certification Grand Prize
  • 2013.
    Korea Gas Safety Grand Prize (Korea Gas Safety Corporation)
  • 2013.
    Grand Prize in Energy Efficiency (Seoul City)
  • 2013.
    Accredited as an Excellent Company in Energy Saving
  • 2014.
    Korea Commodity Award for the Leisure Field, Seungju CC
  • 2014.
    Company with Family-Friendly Culture (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
  • 2016.
    Service Quality Award of Excellence (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • 2017.
    Seungju CC, selected as an excellent golf range for customer satisfaction
  • 2017.
    Accredited as an Excellent Company in Energy Efficiency (Prime Minister)
  • 2018.
    Korea FM Grand Prize (Korea Facility Management Association)
  • 2019.
    Comprehensive Grand Prize in the Environment Category from Korean Environment and Energy Awards
  • 2020.
    Seungju Country Club designated as a Korea’s Beautiful Golf Course in 2020 (Golf Magazine, Seoul Economy Daily)
  • 2020.
    Grand Prize from the Innovation Company & Brand Awards (Sports Seoul)
  • 2020.
    Grand Prize from the Global Standard Management Awards (Korea Management Registrar, KMR)